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Download Kumpulan Lagu Metal Hardcore Lengkap Full Album

Download Kumpulan Lagu Metal Hardcore Lengkap Full Album di jurangmusic.blogspot.com
senang sekali bisa berjumpa dengan kalian lagi di hari yang sangatlah indah ini saya akan menghibur kalian semua dengan Lagu Lagu Hardcore Lengkap yang bisa kalian lihat di daftar lagu di bawah ini.
Metal atau Hardcore sering kali di sebut sebuah grup band Musik beraliran Keras dengan gaya bernyanyinya yang penuh teriakan dan musik yang sangat bising.

Download Kumpulan Lagu Metal Hardcore Lengkap Full Album

hayo... buat kalian semua siapa nih yang suka dengan musik atau lagu lagu Metal?? buat kalian para pecinta musik Aliran keras atau Area bising bersiaplah untuk melihat Kumpulan lagu yang akan saya bagikan yang pastinya seru sekali buat kalian jadikan di Koleksi Lagu Mp3 kalian. di Indonesia pun banyak sekali Kumpulan Lagu Metal seperti Lagu Dead Squad selain itu ada juga seperti Lagu Batu Nisan dan Lagu Burgerkill. nah sekarang buaat kalian yang sudah nunggu nunggu Kumpulan Lagu Metal saya sudah menyiapkan di bawah ini.

Download Lagu Populer

Nah sobat daftar lagu di atas merupakan salah satu Kumpulan Lagu Metal yang bisa kalian download juga di Link yang sudah saya sediakan di daftar lagu di atas, dan sekarang saya akan membagikan Kumpulan Lagu Metal yang sudah saya siapkan di bawah ini.

Download Kumpulan Lagu Metal Full Album Lengkap

Band: Funerals
Album: Human Ruin EP

  • 1. Veins of Black
  • 2. Human Ruin
  • 3. Sick of Sun

Lord Green

  • 01 Flying
  • 02 Losing the Race
  • 03 Fucked in Every Direction
  • 04 We're Fucked
  • 05 Into the Sun
  • 06 Higher Than God
  • 07 Dropping Out
  • 08 Hook Line & Sinker



  • 01 Confront
  • 02 Exhume
  • 03 Failure & Worship
  • 04 The Rider


Homo Homini Lupus

01.When We Stop Everything Stops
02.Lanci Kapitala
03.Remade Society Everywhere
04.The Dialogue Of Blood Sucking Reprobates
05.The Only Church That Illuminates Is A Burning Church
06.Nasa Stvarnost
07.1000 Divisions
08.The Power Of Ignorance
09.Box Of Illusion


Deadbeat - 3 Song Demo

01 Freight Train
02 Self Defeater
03 Social Threatwork


Zombie Fight - Broke For Tomorrow - Volume 1

1.Square One
2.The Smell of Deceit
3.Here Lies Terra...
4.Sick of
5.Wait It Out


Longshot - Realignment

1. The Rise
2. Going South ft. Brian Colantonio (Auburn)
3. The Fall
4. Off Track ft. Brandon Pelrine (ex-member)
5. Words To The Wise ft. Josh Herzer (Lions Lions)
6. Over And Out


Length Of Time - How Good The World Could Be... Again

01 Intro
02 Losing My Heaven
03 Be My Will
04 Both Loves
05 Broken Peace
06 Man Is A Mirror
07 Two In One
08 Another Child Is Born
09 Devil On The Face
10 Here As Anywhere
11 How Good The World Could Be... Again
12 Hidden Track


Length Of Time - Shame To This Weakness Modern World

01 Thought Of The Enslaved
02 Fear The Existence
03 Shame To This Weakness Modern World
04 All Is One = Love & Death
05 Birth Of Another
06 To Those In Our Lives
07 Hidden Track


Length Of Time - Approach To The New World

01 A Devil In A Modern World
02 Loving Your Enemies
03 Better Evil
04 Blood Is The Human Race
05 Tendence To Divide
06 Shorttimer
07 Approach To The New World
08 Fear The Apocalyptic Reborn
09 We Choose The Violent Way
10 Straight To Hell
11 Unavoidable Changes
12 Revenge For
13 Act Of Ignorance
14 Do What Must Be Done


Lapse - Demo

01 Mouf
02 25 Bones
03 Bed of Nails
04 I Was Sick
05 Eyes
06 625


Full Of Hell - The Inevitable Fear of Existence 7"


01 Intro//Lead Tongue
02 Black Iron
03 Horus
04 The Inevitable Fear of Existence


Death Threat - Last Dayz

01 Last Dayz
02 Caught In a Lie
03 Enuf
04 Price You'll Pay
05 Never Again
06 Old To the New
07 Brotherhood
08 My Time
09 Wasted


Death Threat - Peace And Security

01 Dead at Birth
02 Live and Learn
03 Disgrace
04 Outcast
05 You're the One
06 Life Sentence
07 Peace and Security?
08 Faded
09 Never Again
10 Misled
11 Nowhere Fast
12 Social Decay


Vestiges - The Descent Of Man LP

- Intro -
- I -
- II -
- III -
- IV -
- V -
- Outro


Integrity - Systems Overload

01 Incarnate 365
02 No One
03 Systems Overload
04 Armenian Persecution
05 Grace of the Unholy
06 Forevers Horizon
07 Mediator
08 Salvations Malevolence
09 Fading Away
10 Jimson Isolation
11 Screams, The
12 Search for Divinity
13 Unveiled Tomorrows
14 Over the Edge
15 Judgement Day
16 (Intro) Rated X
17 Conclusions
18 I Remember
19 Street Wise
20 Live It Down
21 Bringing It Back
22 Dead Wrong


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Download Kumpulan Lagu Metal Hardcore Lengkap Full Album
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